jeudi 21 juin 2007

Nouvelle Chabotte/New Chabotte

Nikon D200 : f/4,5 ; 1/500 ; 70 mm ; Nikkor 18 70 DX
Lieu/Location : ROMANS SUR ISERE (26),

Quartier des Balmes. Pour savoir ce qu'est une chabotte, je vous invite à aller fouiller un peu sur 26 fragments. Je crois bien que l'on y trouve l'explication.

Balmes District. To know what is a Chabotte, I invite you to go to seek a little on 26 fragments. I'm certain that the explanation can be found there.

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Faye Pekas a dit…

I tried to do some research from your Google search but all the sites listed were in French so I still don't know what a Chabotte is :) Is it the crop in the field?

calusarus a dit…

On May, the 23rd, I wrote
Before the car, farmers cused to store tools in these small buildings called Chabottes in Drome (borries in other places). They also made use of it to be protected in the event of bad weather, even to sleep on the spot rather than to have to turn back to their homes in the event of agricultural work over several days.
Unfortunately, they from now on are left with the abandonment, and they disappear with one.

Faye Pekas a dit…

Thanks for the explanation :)