mardi 11 septembre 2007


Nikon D200 ; f/4,5 ; 1/250s ; 55 mm ; Nikkor 18-70 DX
Lieu/Location : ROMANS SUR ISERE (26)

A gauche, la noble confrérie de la pogne de Romans (spécialité locale, un gâteau parfumé à la fleur d'oranger), et à droite, la confrérie de la raviole du dauphiné (des raviolis frais farcis non pas à la viande, mais au fromage et aux herbes).
You can see on the left the noble brotherhood of the pogne of Romans (local cake, perfumed with orange blossom), and on the rght, the brotherhood of the raviole (a fresh ravioli, stuffed not with meat, but with cheeses and mixed herbs).

2 commentaires:

L.Reis a dit…

Ravioli stuffed with cheese and herbs ???!!! I have to try that...I love the stories that lead to the creation of some brotherhoods...some of them incredibly curious and funny.

calusarus a dit…

One legend is about Italian coalmen who works around Romans sur Isere. It is said they were not rich enough to stuff their ravioli with meat. So they uses local ingredients : cheese (comté cheese, goat cheese…), and parsley. It is not too difficult to find frozen ravioles in France. For other countries, I don't know.
There's 2 local guaranteed vintages for ravioles : ravioles de Romans, and Ravioles du Royans.