samedi 27 octobre 2007

Vrai ou faux ? /True or false ?

Nikon D200 ; f/5,6 ; 1/4000s ; 180 mm ; Nikkor 70-300 VR
Lieu/Location : UPIE (26)

Cette cigogne est-elle vraie ?
Is this stork a true one ?

2 commentaires:

Mandy a dit…

I think so.

Assuming it is real and the question is - stork or some other species - then I don't know of a stork-like bird that isn't a stork.

If question is real or statue then I think not statue as it would probably have been added when the chimney was new and the brickwork is dilapidated and a statue would also be - so probably this is a real live stork.

calusarus a dit…

You're right : it was a real one. But when I saw it, I wonder if it was a statue.