dimanche 29 juillet 2007

Renault Sport

Nikon D200 ; f/4,5 ; 1/90s ; 70 mm ; Nikkor 18-70 DX
Lieu/Location : BARCELONNE (26)

La Renault 4L est une autre voiture mythique de la production populaire française, comme la 2CV.
Renault 4L is another mythical car of the French popular production, like the 2CV.

3 commentaires:

M.Benaut a dit…

Great shot of this Renault 4. We had them here in Australia and I remember that they had seats made of canvas !! The closest translation is 'La Toile', but in French there may be another word, mais je ne sais pas quoi.

L.Reis a dit…

A 4L ... My father owned one...there's been a long time since I've seen one on the road...Nice...very nice idea!

calusarus a dit…

This 4L is was taken during an old cars rallye.

And some 4L hava had seats made of canvas… For example, the Safari model :