mardi 22 mai 2007

autant en emporte le vent/Gone with the wind

Nikon D200 ; f/7,1 ; 1/180s ; 38 mm ; Nikkor 18-70 DX
Lieu/Localization : COL DES LIMOUCHES (26) ;

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Mayolongo a dit…

This is one of the things, to do in my life, one day. I´m sure that is very intense, an agreeable photography.

Bob a dit…

I can relate to that guy taking off! I've flown a few times in France, in Chamonix and le Grand Bornand. It brings back happy memories to me!

AMPix Photo a dit…

Hummm what a feeling! Very nice catch!

calusarus a dit…

For once, I was at the right time at the right place : I've juste arrived, when he took off.